Implementation of Fingerprints Requirement
2020-12-02 20:18

With reference to international practices and mature experience, according to relevant Chinese laws and regulations, starting from 13th December 2020,the Chinese Embassy will issue Biometric visa based on collecting all ten fingerprints of all applicants applying for Chinese visa, excluding those mentioned as below:.

1. Children under the age of fourteen;

2. Seniors above the age of seventy;

3. Persons for whom the collection of fingerprints is physically impossible;

4. Diplomatic passport holders or applicants enjoy reciprocal arrangement.

The fingerprints will be collected upon submission of visa applications and will be stored for five years. The applicants who have completed fingerprints collection and applied for Chinese visas within 5 years with the same passport will not have to get their fingerprints collected again.

The Embassy kindly requests all the visa applicant to fill the online application form COVA ( and make the appointment ( before you come to the Embassy.

The Embassy kindly remind the visa applicants to retain the fingerprint in person. Applicants shall bear all the legal consequences including denial of entry for forged fingerprints or using other people's fingerprints for visa application.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

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