Requirements for Legalization
2012-02-13 19:46
Ⅰ. Please complete a legalization application form before submitting your documents. It is available at request at this office, or to download at this website.

Ⅱ. Please submit the original document authenticated by the Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Oman  and its complete duplicate (including MFA Apostil page). Document which contains two pages or more should be tightly banded with ribbons and Notary Public seal should be produced to avoid any forge behavior.Please also be kindly reminded that any blank pages(including the blank covers) of the document should be cut by half, unless "no text "is required to be indicated on it.

Ⅲ. If the document is for private affairs, your passport and valid visa together with the photocopies of the above are required.

Ⅳ. All applications can be submitted in person or through a courier, but a power of attorney of the applicant is required. Application by post is not accepted.


Ⅰ. Please be advised that the legalization only confirms that the signature of an official of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Oman on the apostil attached to your document is genuine. It does not mean that the contents of the document are correct or this office approves the contents.

Ⅱ. This Embassy will, under no circumstances, be responsible for the delay of the application processing due to inadequate documents, since some couriers are reluctant to open envelopes containing the application materials, and may not answer questions.

Ⅲ. On the receipt of the application, this Embassy will only issue the applicant with a collection slip, rather than signing any document. 

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